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Aston Villa vs. Crystal Palace: Previewing the futility

It's getting harder and harder to preview Aston Villa matches.

Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Jack and Alex usually do the previews around here. And due to a combination of circumstances (end of the holidays, quick turnaround, and [mostly] a team not worth caring about) they both forgot this week. And I'm not mad in the slightest. Because, really, what were they going to say?

Let's have a look:

1) Villa must win to turn things around

Really? Would a win against Crystal Palace do anything to turn this around? Let's set a modest goal. Let's say that all that's needed for survival this year is 32 points. That would be absurd, but why not dream? Through twenty matches, Aston Villa have gotten eight points. That's a pace of .4 points per match. Not great, Bob!

Now, if they want to hit that pulled-out-of-nowhere 32 mark, they'd need to get 24 points in their final eighteen matches. That's a pace of 1.33 points per match. And realistically speaking, 32 is way too low. In all reality it will probably end up being around 37 this year.

2) Villa must win to stop the rot

Well, it would stop the rot. But would it make anyone confident of what's to come?

3) Villa must win

I've seen no evidence of this being true.

4) Rémi Garde should play _____

Probably Libor Kozak. Seriously, Rémi. Play Libor. But hell, we've been saying that all season and it hasn't happened. And lineups have been shifted around all season and it hasn't mattered. Jack does a really great job of previewing the tactics of these matches, but when Villa consistently put out performances that could be likened to those of drunken cows, it's hard for it to matter.

5) Play the youth

Yeah! Play them! Actually, I like this idea. But see: 4.

6) Everything is terrible

Oh wait, that's this preview.

7) Alan Pardew is actually doing pretty well at Crystal Palace

He sure is!


Previewing Aston Villa at this point is infuriating. You can see what should happen, and you write about it, and then they piss it all away. So there is no set in stone preview for this match. If you want one, please seek help for you addiction to Aston Villa.