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PODCAST: On the Pod, My Lord: All-new from 7500toHolte

New bi-weekly anthology that takes a look at Aston Villa issues. Listen Now!

Hi guys, James here.

I've only went and done a podcast! Inspired by our own Holtecast and the Aston Villa Review, I've decided to take up the mic and delve into the issues and ethics surrounding Aston Villa Football Club. I've piggybacked onto the Holtecast account, meaning you'll get this if you've subscribed to the Holtecast on iTunes and BlogTalkRadio.

Basically, I set out to make a timeless anthology. I didn't want the issues laid out on this podcast to be dictated by results, fixtures and performances. In this first episode, I've taken on Stan Collymore's thirteen point plan. Stan came out with a plan, and I've taken it upon myself to take a look at each of these points in a bit of detail. You can find it embedded below!

So yeah, have a listen - I certainly started off a bit nervous, but I grew into it. I'll be looking to improve the production values for next time, but please - any feedback you can give will be helpful.