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New Aston Villa star makes impressive gesture

Jordan Ayew shows that his heart is bigger than his goal tally.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

It'd be unfair to judge Jordan Ayew solely on his performances for Aston Villa. He's barely been in the team five minutes, but he's got the potential to make the grade at Villa.

One thing that you'll be able to judge the new Villan on, however, is the size of his heart as Ayew made an impressive gesture to orphans of the horrific genocide that shook Rwanda back in 1994. Some of the survivors of the Tutsi people are based at the Gisimba memorial center school in Nyamirambo.

As reported by Peter Kamasa of The New Times Rwanda, Ayew paid a visit to the school baring gifts in the form of over 30 match tickets for the recent Ghana vs Rwanda game as well as food and household goods, so the orphans can enjoy a better quality of life.

"I wanted to help young people and give them courage for the future life that's why I visited them and gave them something to eat." - Jordan Ayew

The 1994 Rwandan Genocide saw over 70% of the Tutsi slaughtered, cutting Rwanda's population down by 20% during the Rwandan Civil War. Passports and ID cards were used by soldiers and vigilantes to slaughter an estimated 1 million people in just 100 days.

Just fifty years after the Holocaust - genocide occurred once more, but it did not stop there. People like Villa's Jordan Ayew are doing their small part to patch together the world following tragic events, such as what occurred in Rwanda back in '94.

You might not be proud of his goal tally, but this is something to smile about. Time to score some goals, Jordan.