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Jack Grealish has a choice to make

Will it be Ireland or England for the young Villan?

Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Jack Grealish is a wanted man.

Oh, don't worry. Chelsea and Manchester City aren't after him just yet. It's the international arena that has taken a view to what the young star has to offer with England and the Republic of Ireland whispering sweet nothings into the ear of the Birmingham born youngster.

Grealish has come a long way since joining up with Aston Villa following a loan spell to Notts County and this is cemented by his constant spot in the team. If Sherwood isn't already building his lineups around Grealish, he will be soon.

So is it any surprise that Roy Hodgson is after him? No, Jack is the type of player England will need sooner rather than later and they can't really hedge their bets on another player of his quality becoming available for selection soon.

Ireland on the other hand? Jack may have the chance to gun for honours with England, but with Ireland he has the chance to not only honour his family, but become a legend in the eyes of those who follow the Emerald Army. He would be difficult to remove from their starting lineup and will likely be an ever-present performer for Ireland until he chooses to retire. Not only that, he will have a chance to boost the team to the next level and become the talisman that Ireland haven't really had since the Keanes retired.

An England team with Barkley and Grealish providing the creativity is something to dream of and the chance to be a part of an all-new England setup might be too much to resist for Jack.

Regardless of his choice, Villa fans likely aren't too bothered by the situation as long as Jack becomes the Villa hero he was always meant to become.