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Villa set to renew Second City derby, but have West Brom to get past first

Jack and Robert are back for DERBY WEEK.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

It's derby week! What's that? No, hush. We don't want to talk about the Leicester match. Why would you want to talk about that? Are you a Leicester fan? Go away.

Okay fine, we'll talk about that match, but we don't want to.

But THEN! Then we get to talk about derby week! West Brom on Saturday and then [name redacted because of site policies that don't allow mentioning filth] on Tuesday! We take a look at what could be the week that makes or breaks Tim Sherwood and his new Aston Villa experiment. Is all of this sustainable? Can the team get past their early-season growing pains? Can they pick up three points ahead of a trip to Anfield?

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