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What are your favorite Aston Villa derby moments?

Because it's always fun to laugh at rivals.

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Aston Villa play their two closest local rivals in their next two matches. That could lead to a lot of pain, but it also could create some new great memories. We'd all prefer the latter happen. As we await the two big matches, lets take a look at some great local derby moments from years past.

Q: Aston Villa's next two matches are against our two biggest local rivals. What are you favorite Villa memories from matches against local rivals?


Has to be Gary Cahill's goal in the 2006 match at Villa Park - both teams struggling towards the bottom of the table near the end of the season, stuck at 1-1 in a pretty poor match then Cahill scores the most ridiculous scissor kick you've ever seen, from shoulder height in mid-air.

Apart from the sheer ridiculousness of the goal itself, the win kept Birmingham in the relegation zone where they ended the season while keeping us out of it and there's nothing sweeter than that.


Doing the one-week double over West Brom last year. After listening to them yap all year (and for the couple before that) about being the biggest team in the midlands, it was awfully nice to be able to so emphatically prove otherwise, all while sealing a trip to Wembley.

Now, if we could just draw Leicester in a Cup and win that and the home match I might have something approaching that wonderful feeling.


Aston Villa 5-1 Birmingham City. Demolition Derby. The framed picture still hangs in my bedroom from that match in April 2008. It was the perfect day. Villa scoring goals for fun with Ashley Young and John Carew both bagging braces and helping the Villa chase a European place -- all while nailing a coffin in Birmingham's Premier League life that season. That result made it 15 goals in three league matches for Villa. And at the time, there was no doubt who the best club on the pitch in Brum was.


Birmingham City getting battered 5-1.

I remember that day so well. It was almost fantasy. A light for had settled on the pitch and the atmosphere was electric.

One moment that defined it for me was a triumphant, battle-scarred Olof Mellberg raising his fist to the sky. He looked miniscule from where I was sitting, but the gesture was gigantic. I've followed Adam's lead and constructed a shitty Haiku that better describes the moment and possibly the future between Villa and Blues.

Remember Mellberg
A lone fist raised triumphant
Deluded Bluenose


As usual, I chose the same moment as Robert. Beating West Bromwich Albion twice in one week last season. It was a critical point in Villa's quest to avoid relegation, and a win in the league was obviously more important than one in the cup. However, doing the double in a period of five days was incredible, and really propelled the team forward.


I quite enjoyed Villa's 1-0 win over Birmingham City on April 25, 2010. For one, it had Villa scoring a late winner thanks to a James Milner penalty. Two: the penalty was "controversial", leading to many upset City fans. Three: it totally was a penalty. Aston Villa got to win in a way that made Birmingham City fans ever more upset/sad than they would be if it was just a normal loss due to a late Villa goal. Wonderful.

Those are our answers and now we want to hear from you. Tell us your favorite Villa derby moments.