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Aston Villa vs West Brom: Win or die

Villa welcome noisy neighbours West Brom this weekend, so lets look back at the last time the two sides met.

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Welcome back to Don't look back in anger, the most hated blog in Leicester. This week, we take another look back at last season's FA Cup run, specifically the last time Villa met West Brom. Just try to stay off the pitch this time folks.

A word to any Albion fans reading.

This is supposed to be a sarcasm filled wonderland of previews and my random observations. So please do leave your comments by all means, but please don't freak out like the Leicester fans did. You're better than that.

The last time we met

In early march Villa played West Brom twice in one week. After defeating the Albion 2-1 in a league clash at Villa Park, Villa again hosted West Brom, this time in the FA Cup 6th round. History repeated itself as Fabian Delph and Scott Sinclair goals helped Villa to a 2-0 win, and a trip to Wembley for the Semi-Finals. Here are the highlights of the game, presented by the magic of the FA Cup:

Despite the result being a huge win for Sherwood's Villa, the British Media decided to freak out about the pitch invasion at the end. The sensationalist crap that the press came out with largely overlooked the bigger picture for Villa. This result, and indeed the Albion game earlier this week completely changed Villa's season. The two wins were Tim Sherwood's first as Villa manager and helped turn Villa's fortune around.

The game itself was hotly contested, and that showed with the number of red cards. Noted Albion thug Claudio Yacob saw red, along with Villa's own Jack Grealish, both for two yellows. Shay Given made a good save to deny Brown Ideye, whilst the counter attacking threat of Scott Sinclair was pivotal in scoring Villa's second, which ultimately put the result beyond doubt.

Make and/or break for Tim?

After Sunday's loss to Leicester, there have been some murmurings of discontent among the Villa faithful. That actually adds even more pressure onto the already tense West Midlands Derby. Another loss could be catastrophic for Tim Sherwood. He endeared himself to the Villa fans with the wins over West Brom, but he could now lose the support with a loss. It's a tough time to be Tim for sure.

West Brom this season

West Brom's season so far has been defined by the Saido Berahino transfer saga. The player wanted to leave, Spurs wanted to sign him, but Albion chairman Jeremy Peace's asking price was just too much for Spurs or anyone else. As a result, Saido Berahino is still an Albion player, but just ask him how happy he is there. If you didn't click on the link I can confirm that he isn't happy at being kept against his will. Go figure. Tony Pulis doesn't care about Berahino's happiness though, just look-

Have I ever mentioned that I really like Tony Pulis? Because he is definitely one of my favourite managers.

West Brom have had a reasonably mediocre start, taking five points in their first five games. This leaves them in 14th place, just one above Villa. As for their transfer dealings, overpriced and overhyped striker Brown Ideye was shipped off, whilst expensive and hyped striker Salomon Rondon was brought in. Ideye v.2? Time will tell. Albion have tightened up their defence with the additions of Jonny Evans and James Chester, but having also signed Rickie Lambert, I can't possibly describe their transfer dealings as being good.

So far, this hasn't exactly been too hard a read for any Albion fans, and honestly, I was struggling to think of many reasons to hate on them. Then I remembered Callum McManaman and James McLean, the two detestable members of the squad. Another reason to stay off the pitch this Saturday is that if you do go on, McManaman will probably attack you, just like he did last time. McLean meanwhile hates the British Monarchy, and I think the Royal family are cool so I hate him for that.

The pressure is really on for this one. So Tim, if you happen to read this, focus on tactics, and not the opposition. You can do it, we still have faith in you.