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Sherwood set to stay home for rest of summer transfer window

Tim Sherwood has said that Aston Villa will probably only bring in English players for the rest of the summer.

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Aston Villa still have a few holes that could use filling before the summer transfer window closes. There's a need for another central striker, a central defender could provide some much needed cover, and a right back counterpart to the already impressive Jordan Amavi would be excellent. Unfortunately, you can rule out Neymar, Sergio Ramos, and Juanfran, because Tim Sherwood is set to only buy English players for the rest of the summer.

That cuts down on the number of potential new signings considerably. Still in contention, according to that Birmingham Mail article, are players like Tottenham's Andros Townsend, West Bromwich Albion's Joleon Lescott, and a possible loan for Manchester United's James Wilson. The article also says that Aaron Lennon, first mentioned in connection to Villa last week, is likely not headed to Villa Park any time soon.

Of the names that Gregg Evans drops in that article, I think I find Wilson to be the most interesting. Wilson made thirteen appearances with United last year, and only one was a start. But the 19-year-old did manage one goal (and has three Premier League goals to his name). He's nowhere near a finished product, and so it strikes me as a bit of an odd move, given that Villa probably need an experienced striker. That said, it's another case where I'd be really intrigued simply because of Tim Sherwood. I feel like I may say this too often, but if there is anyone I trust to get the most out of young players (especially young English players), it's Sherwood.