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Who wins the Premier League and where do Aston Villa finish?

Who will walk away with the trophy and how far away will Villa be from it?

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The season starts tomorrow and we have come to the end of our season preview roundtable. Now it's time for the two most important question for us as Aston Villa supporters and Premier League watchers.

Who will win the Premier League?

Robert: Manchester United. Year two under van Gaal and I think they're finally going to click. This club terrifies me. If only they had Benteke.

James: Chelsea. Liverpool also have some real firepower and a team capable of lifting the trophy, I'd be disappointed in them if they didn't challenge for it this year.

Tom: Call me crazy...Arsenal.

Adam: I know you should never bet on Arsenal, but I just feel that this is their best group of players in a long time and if they all click, they could just overpower the opposition.

Herbert: Chelsea.

RJ: Chelsea. Because Mourinho.

Rory: I've been going back and forth between Chelsea and Arsenal. For some reason I just have a feeling that this is the year for Arsene Wenger, so I'll say the Gunners lift the trophy by the slimmest of margins.

Brian: Chelsea.

Alex: I'll go non-sequitur, and back Arsenal here. Chelsea are still going to be really good, but it's just so hard to do it back-to-back. Manchester United have made really good additions, but I'm still not sure Louis van Gaal is a good enough manager to win the league. I've not been hugely impressed with Manchester City's summer. But Arsenal keep chugging along with a lot of continuity, and a side that's deceptively good. If they get a forward in, and clean up their results against the bottom of the table, there's no reason Arsene Wenger can't be leading that team to a title.

Elis: Manchester United.

Matt: This pains me to say considering who they now employ, but I'm saying Manchester City. I have no real reason for this other than a weird hunch. I just don't see Chelsea going back-to-back and after that, I have a hard time picturing anyone else lifting the trophy. This is probably dumb and will be very wrong, but hey, someone's got to win it.

Where do Aston Villa finish in the Premier League?

Robert: 12th, and we should all consider that ample progress.

James: At worst? We get relegated. This team is too good to go down and a realistic finish would be around 13th place. But if Villa play like they are on fire? I see no reason they can't punch above their weight and get caught in the top half of the table come May.

Tom: 13th. The team is changing so much and with a new inexperienced manager it could take a while for us to find our feet. But with the added quality across the squad I certainly hope we'll register our best finish in 5 miserable years.

Adam: I'm going to back us for a comfortable 13th place.

Herbert: 14th.

RJ: I'll say 12th. There will surely be ups and downs, but Villa have depth at every position and bags of high-potential players now, and if a few of them prosper under Sherwood, I can't see Villa being in another relegation battle.

Brian: I think they get enough points to stay clear of the fray and end up in the heap of teams from 10-15. Arbitrarily, I'll say 14th.

Alex: I know I have a column out that talks about why Villa will finish sixth, but I think 10th is a much more likely scenario. So we'll go with that.

Elis: 12th.

Matt: In past seasons, I've found myself over excited about Villa's summer business and picked them to finish in a position higher than was reasonable to pick. By all accounts Villa have done good business this summer, yet I find myself wanting to temper my expectations. I'll say 15th after a late season slide that happens after Villa pretty much become safe. I'm far more excited than that prediction would make it seem, but this is Villa.

So that's it for our season preview roundtable. Let us know what your answers are and thanks for reading!