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Villa are letting down disabled fans.

Villa are one of many clubs who are letting down disabled fans via a lack of wheelchair space and other issues.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

There's no question, life for disabled people can be tough. You can't always do the tasks you want to do, travelling can be a pain and in some cases you might not be able to enjoy yourself because of your disability.

Surely seeing your favourite football club shouldn't be an issue though? According to a study by Revitalise - a number of Premier League clubs are failing disabled fans and on this league table, Villa have taken 3rd place. The best performing team is Swansea City, who have provided more than the specified quota of wheelchair spaces for fans. The quota, set in 2004 shows Villa aren't even hitting half of the spaces they should provide at 49%, Swansea have achieved 121%.

In the real world, 3rd place would mean the world to us. On this chart however, 3rd place means that some Villa fans who are less able-bodied have clearly been let down by the Villans.

In the bigger picture, other clubs who are doing better for disabled fans with more wheelchair spaces have still managed to take walking aids from disabled away fans and disallow season tickets in some circumstances.

One Arsenal fan recounted an experience at Villa Park where he was made to sit with home fans due to a lack of Wheelchair space. At a stadium which is rarely sold out, that has to be unacceptable.

As good as the progress the club seems to be making in terms of squad building for the upcoming season, this impetus to move forward needs to affect the fans of the club as well. It's awesome that Villa have a good squad and a promising season ahead of them, but it's slightly disappointing that there may be a set of fans who won't be able to attend matches and enjoy the successful that this Villa team could very well bring and that's by no fault of their own.