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Loan deal stalls as Adebayor doesn't want to move

Spurs striker Emmanuel Adebayor's move to Villa has been stalled by the fact that the striker doesn't want to move from his current residence in London.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Emmanuel Adebayor's loan deal to Aston Villa looks to be reaching a turning point - after a week of expecting an announcement from Villa and not getting one, some of the details regarding the pause in progression have been revealed. According to the Birmingham Mail, Adebayor does not want to move from his London residence to England's second city, Birmingham. This declaration from Adebayor is puzzling considering how happy about a proposed move to Villa he seemed to be, and especially because of the fact that there is little to no chance that he will see first team action for Spurs this year.

While anybody would be more than happy to sit back and collect a £100k check every week for effectively doing nothing, with this kind of behavior, there is almost no chance that a team will give him a contract of any significance that is not performance-based upon the expiration of his Spurs contract. Adebayor's best interest would be to come to Villa and prove he still can and will play in order to secure a new contract from either Villa or another suitor, but it seems the Togolese international is quite content to enjoy a glorified vacation in England's capital for one more year.

Another change of heart wouldn't be surprising in this saga, but this seems to be exactly the type of attitude that Tim Sherwood would want as far away from the dressing room as he can get it.