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Where will Aston Villa's goals come from this season?

In part three of our preview, we discuss who will be responsible for Villa's goals.

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Aston Villa had a problem scoring goals for much of last season and now have to replace Christian Benteke. But despite that, it has to be different this year, right? Please? In part three of our season preview, we look at who will be providing the Villa goals and who will be scoring them.

Who will be Aston Villa's leading scorer?

Robert: Libor Kozak. He's going to score at will and we're all going to be so happy that we signed him this summer.

James: I can't look past Gabby. He's got a knack for grabbing crucial goals and Villa will have a lot of plucky moments this year when luck will be the decider. If Gabby doesn't start, I'll pin it on Ayew to grab 11. I wouldn't be surprised if Gil hit about 7 either. Our goal tally will have to be a team effort without Benteke.

Tom: Emmanuel Adebayor. If he signs. If not, Jordan Ayew.

Adam: Gonna back Libor Kozak for a 10-15 goal season.

Herbert: Emmanuel Adebayor

RJ: Emmanuel Adebayor, assuming he signs. He scores goals for a living.

Rory: Jordan Ayew. I expect the goals to be spread throughout the team this season, and while it may take him a while to get going, I think Ayew will eventually heat up and lead the pack.

Brian: After seeing his poaching ability over the last couple weeks, it's hard to say anyone other than Libor Kozak.

Alex: Rudy Gestede, I think. Sherwood's going to want the fullbacks to play in crosses, and if the answer's Leandro Bacuna at right back, we've two really good crossers of the ball there. He's hit one every two at Blackburn; even one every four at Villa this year probably makes him the leading scorer.

Elis: Emmanuel Adebayor (unless he doesn't sign, then Kozak).

Matt: I like the look of Gestede. If we do end up signing Adebayor, it'll probably be him, but considering that we haven't had that confirmed either way, I'll pick Gestede.

Who will lead Aston Villa in assists?

Robert: Carles Gil. Returned to first-team glory he will rove about with reckless abandon and deliver sharp, crisp passes into the box so that Libor Kozak can score at will and we can all be so happy that we signed him this summer.

James: Jack Grealish and Ashley Westwood.

Tom: Jordan Veretout

Adam: Carles Gil from the No. 10 spot - diminutive Spaniard playmakers aren't finished just yet!

Herbert: Carles Gil

RJ: Jack Grealish and Carles Gil tie for the team lead.

Rory: Carles Gil. I think he and Sherwood have made up, and I expect Gil will play a huge role this season. Bacuna led Villa with 5 last season, and I see no reason why Gil can't surpass that total this year.

Brian: Jack Grealish. Last year he looked like a real creator and seemed to look to pass ahead of shooting. I'd love for the answer to be Gil, but I believe Jack will see more of the pitch.

Alex: Jordan Veretout seems like the answer here. Though I could see Jordan Amavi feeding Rudy Gestede becoming a common thing.

Elis: One of the Jordans.

Matt: I'm all aboard the 'Return of Gil' train, so I'm really hoping it'll be him. He was a bright spark during the worst part of last season and hopefully he's done enough to impress Sherwood and get back in the mix.

Lets us know your choices and come back tomorrow for part four of our preview roundtable.