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The relegation fight and the sack race: Who will be leaving the Premier League this season?

It's gotta happen to someone.

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The thing having relegation is that it always leads to some pain. Every year, three teams will be left behind in the Championship. And the quest to avoid being one of those three teams often leaves a trail of sacked managers in its dust. In part two of our season preview, the 7500 to Holte staff says who they think might be in for some pain in the 2015-16 Premier League season.

Who's the first Premier League manager to get sacked?

Robert: Tony Pulis, because I think it would be hilarious and it would mean that West Brom are failing.

James: Alan Pardew. I'm not at all convinced by him and his skills. He seems to have gotten this far on luck alone.

Tom: Given Watford's recent track record and trigger happy promoted chairman syndrome I'm going to say Quique Flores.

Adam: I think Spurs and Pochettino haven't done enough this summer and if Kane doesn't replicate his form of the last season, they could be in for a tough time and the fans might get impatient.

Herbert: Roberto Martinez

RJ: Brendan Rodgers. Still can't see Liverpool competing for top four because I don't think Christian Benteke fits with the rest of their squad. If Liverpool get off to a slow start, can't see Rodgers surviving again.

Rory: Watford's Quique Flores. This isn't so much a condemnation of the manager, or even the squad, but rather of the position itself. In the last 12 months, Watford has had 5 (!) managers, and on top of that, the club didn't retain the manager who won promotion for them. It's not exactly the most stable of jobs. If the Hornets have a run of poor matches without picking up points, it could spell trouble for Flores.

Brian: Dick Advocaat

Alex: It has to be Quique Flores, right? When he was appointed in June, he became their fifth manager within 12 months. They're not going to be good, and Watford hasn't shown restraint when it comes to changing the man at the helm.

Elis: Whoever's at Watford these days.

Matt: Yeah, I think Quique Flores is the safe choice for all the reasons everyone else has mentioned.

Who will be relegated from the Premier League?

Robert: Leicester, Sunderland, and Watford. The first two because they angered the god's by avoiding it last year (or the last two in the case of Sunderland) and the last one because I randomly chose one of the three.

James: Bournemouth, Norwich and Newcastle.

Tom: Sunderland, Bournemouth, Norwich.

Adam: Sunderland, Bournemouth and Watford. Sunderland haven't sorted themselves out properly, Bournemouth will find it too hard to adapt and Watford have gone for the grab-bag approach.

Herbert: Leicester City, Watford, Sunderland.

RJ: I'll go with Leicester, Bournemouth and...West Brom. The Baggies are a yo-yo club and it's time they yo again -- out of the Premier League.

Rory: I've slowly warmed to the idea of Bournemouth doing just enough to survive, but I don't think either Norwich or Watford have it in them. That leaves one spot between Leicester City and Sunderland. Sunderland always (somehow) manage to hang on, so I think Leicester will be the final team to go down.

Brian: Sunderland, Watford and Norwich.

Alex: Bournemouth are the easy first target for me; they'll be fun to watch, but they haven't done enough to their squad. I'll peg Watford as well for the drop amongst the promoted teams, and my annual prediction that West Bromwich Albion will go down. They were, quite honestly, the worst team I saw in the Premier League last year, and they've done very little this summer. Even Tony Pulis can't save the albatross.

Elis: Watford, Bournemouth, West Brom.

Matt: Every year that I have written for this website, I have predicted West Brom to go down and that is a tradition I refuse to break. I'll add Watford to that list as the token yo-yo team to go back to the Championship. My third pick will be Leicester City. Leicester have a decent chance to be perfectly fine and finish like 13th-15th. They also have the chance to be a dumpsterfire, and that sounds more fun to me, so I'll go with that.

Tell us who you're picks for these painful distinctions will be, and come back tomorrow as we start to preview Aston Villa.