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Villa move for unwanted Spurs forward re-emerges

After the Emmanuel Adebayor deal seemed dead in the water, it appears the Tottenham forward may be headed to Aston Villa after all.

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Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

It's the transfer story of the summer that just wouldn't go away. According to The Telegraph, Aston Villa manager Tim Sherwood hasn't given up on Tottenham striker Emmanuel Adebayor. After the original deal collapsed due to Adebayor not wanting to move from London to Birmingham,, it looked as if the Togolese forward would be headed to West Ham United. That move also fell through, and with the transfer window hours away from closing, it's likely that Adebayor will be heading to Villa after all.

Since there is still a need at striker, it makes sense to bring someone in. It's not known how much Spurs are willing to subsidise Adebayor's wages, but the amount should be significant.

This may spell the end for Libor Kozák, as Sherwood has looked to move the Czech striker on, albeit unsuccessfully. That would be a real shame, as Kozák never really got a chance at Villa, due to injuries and other circumstances. If Tactics Tim can get Adebayor playing like he did last season, this is a good move. If not, his presence in the dressing room could prove to be negative.

Do you think Adebayor is the help that Aston Villa need at striker? Let us know in the comments!

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