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Join the 7500 to Holte Fantasy EPL group

The Premier League season starts this week, so why not play fantasy football against other (Villa) fans?

Can you pick a better squad than Timmy?
Can you pick a better squad than Timmy?
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Summer friendlies are finishing up, and the Community Shield has been won. The new season is knocking on the door, and the first matchday of the new campaign is less than a week away in the English Premier League.

Plenty of teams did their fair share of transfer dealings since the window opened at the beginning of July. You can now choose your squad for this year's edition of Fantasy Premier League, and most are with their new clubs.

Of course Christian Benteke can still score you points, even though he will be scoring for Liverpool this year. Why not look at one of the three Jordans (Amavi, Ayew, Veretout) Aston Villa purchased from Ligue 1?

Although the game is mostly the same, there are three new powerups available. "All Out Attack" permits the use of a 2-5-3 formation for a week. "Triple Captain" is exactly like it sounds, your captain's score will be multiplied by three instead of doubled. "Bench Boost" is the final powerup. When this is activated, the score tallied by your bench players is factored into your total.

If you were in our league last year, you will be automatically re-entered when you re-activate your account on the FPL website.

If you're new, just enter the following code to join the 7500 to Holte league.

Code to join this league: 355925-94060