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Second City derby date set: Capital One Cup clash to be televised

Aston Villa will face Birmingham City in the third round of the Capital One Cup on September 22nd.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Yesterday we all got the cup match that we've been waiting for more than four years for: Aston Villa will be facing Birmingham City in the third round of the Capital One Cup. Today, we get even better news: the match will be televised!

The match will be played at 7:45 PM local time on Tuesday, September 22. It will be aired on SkySports. The decision comes despite the fact that the North London derby between Tottenham and Arsenal is also being contested in this round.

And it's a great decision by Sky. As entertaining as Spurs/Gunners can be, Villa-Blues is a derby that will be just five days shy of its 136th anniversary on the 22nd. It's been contested 117 times, with Villa coming out on top in 51 of those. But unlike Spurs/Gunners, we don't get the joy of seeing this match twice every year. Mostly because City are miserable and mired in a lower division.

This is going to be so. Much. Fun. I wish it were within the power of all involved to move this to a weekend and usurp some Premier League play, but we'll just have to settle for what we can get.