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What else should Aston Villa address this summer?

Anything else on the summer agenda?

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The season may have started but the transfer season is still going. With a couple weeks left in silly season, is there anything else that Aston Villa need? I asked that question to the 7500 to Holte staff and here's what we had to say.

Q: We've seen Villa play two matches now. Are there any other parts of the squad you think should be addressed before the transfer window closes?


Adding depth to the defence and attack is almost crucial at this point. I'd place more emphasis on adding a single defender to Villa's ranks as AVFC are in danger if an injury crisis strikes. We also don't have an answer at right back at the moment and between Hutton and Bacuna, it wouldn't hurt to add one more body.


As I've said most of the summer, a decent right back is a priority. Another striker - preferably with a bit of experience - is also crucial. I wouldn't say no to more talent in other positions but those are the 2 we need to get done before the window closes.


Leandro Bacuna hasn't done enough in pre-season or the first two games to make me think that he is good enough. A new right back is definitely needed.


I would've said right-back before we added Adama, but I think he can solve a lot of the attacking impotency on that side and let the right-backs be a bit more effective. So instead I'll say a striker. Bring in someone good enough to push Gabby to the bench and I think you could help the club twice. Once with the new player on the field and once with the old one off of it.


Right-back has been mentioned but I'd also say centre-back is a huge issue. Richards, Clark, Baker and Okore is an injury-prone a line-up of centre-backs as you'd hope not to see and I don't think Crespo is good enough cover.


I don't think there's anywhere Villa have to address. It would be nice to add another right back, but it'd be something the club would need to do right, with a significant investment — if Lerner's willing to shell out another £10 million, then it'd be neat to address that, but if not, it ain't a huge deal.


There's more than a few assumptions that have to be made, so this is a tough question. Assuming that Ayew is going to strictly play wing or second striker, Kozak isn't sent out on loan or sold, and Gestede is good and steadily getting better, I'd hope for an additional scoring option that's more proven. It's going to sound ridiculous, but Charlie Austin is still out there and the longer that goes on the better the chance that he'd agree to a move. Midfield looks alright and the back four, while not perfect, has done well enough. In a perfect world a right back the quality of Amavi would be on the list, but it's not a perfect world. It's also entirely plausible that the return of Grealish and Gil, not to mention Adama (the last time I remember a 19 year old athlete being this hyped within a fan base it was Adrian Peterson) will help to boost the scoring. Given last season's issues with getting on the scoreboard and the ever present reality that someone might get injured, I'd feel much better with a proven striker. It doesn't have to be Austin, I hope against hope it isn't Adebayor, and I hope while knowing the futility of that hope that it's Berbatov. All apologies to Gabby, but it's a concern that needs to be addressed.


Although I said this at the beginning of the window, right back is still an issue. The rest of the squad has been improved drastically, and it still remains a problem position. Another striker would be meh, as Kozák probably would end up getting forced out if that plays out.


Everyone else made valid points about what other parts could be brought in, but I'll focus on someone who still may go out. Charles N'Zogbia looked to be on his way out after some cryptic tweets a few weeks ago, but that's gone cold. I know it takes two willing club to make a transfer happen, but finding someone to offload him on would be pretty huge. Freeing up his salary might make the funds available for one of the positions that the others have highlighted.

That's what we had to say and now we want to hear from you. What else needs to be addressed before the summer transfer window ends?