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Birmingham traffic terrible ahead of Manchester Untied clash

Consider taking the train, friends.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

So, we’ve been watching Twitter all day, and chatting with our writers in Brum, and, well, it’s looking like a night for the train to get to Villa Park for Aston Villa’s Friday night clash.

The M6 is closed in both directions between junctions 6 and 7, which is really bad news for anyone, especially those coming from north of Villa Park, because J6 is the exit for the A38(M), which goes right past the ground. Lovely!

It’s also Friday night, which means a lot of other things are congested, too, even before the matchday traffic, and the M6 closure, is taken into effect.

7500 writer James Rushton said there’s "lots of travel congestion in Birmingham now and it will affect people going to Villa," while our own Elis Sandford confirmed, describing it as "terrible."

Since Sky are a bunch of money-grabbing assholes, we won’t be pushing back the start of this one, so it’ll still be a 7:45 kickoff.

If you haven’t left yet, do so as soon as possible, and get yourself to a train station. Check out the National Rail site for scheduled services to Aston and Witton stations.

On the bright side, this traffic delay won’t have too much of an effect on Manchester United supporters, given none of them live in Manchester in the first place.

This points out part of the problem with Friday night football, especially in cities that don’t have the public transportation infrastructure that London does, but hey, TV money!

Nice going, English Defence League. Real nice work, you twats.