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With no Villa interest, Praet ready to snub West Bromwich Albion

Aston Villa have apparently lost interest in Anderlecht's Dennis Praet.

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Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Usually I have to go searching for an excuse to laugh at West Bromwich Albion, but this one just fell in my lap. Aston Villa have spent much of the summer being connected to Anderlecht attacking midfielder Dennis Praet. He's also been connected with WBA, with both teams apparently renewing their interest when it was reported that Anderlecht had dropped their asking price.

But Villa apparently aren't interested in Praet, and that's making the the Belgian sad, according to a report from Belgian paper HLN. Using what must be a terribly done Google translate, we can get the gist of the story:

"West Bromwich Albion may already have an interest in Dennis Praet, conversely, much less the case."

It goes on to say that the tipping point was Albion's 0-3 loss to Manchester City on Monday. Any way you cut it, though, Praet is snubbing our rivals. "I want to go to the Premier League, but not that badly."

The takeaway for Villa fans from this news is that Praet isn't likely headed our way any time soon. And it looks as if he may not be coming to England at all.

And for that sort of upstanding moral character, I think we can all love him.