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Villa set for £145 million takeover according to shoddy report

The Daily Star are reporting that Aston Villa are about to get bought for £145 million.

Ian Walton/Getty Images

According to a report in the Daily Star Sunday, Randy Lerner is on the verge of selling Aston Villa to an American sports-related firm for £145 million. Please feel free to ignore this report because in that one sentence I have literally given you all of the evidence that the Star have presented in their story. The rest of their article is a rehash of other rumours and, bizarrely, a quote from Andy Gray about Emmanuel Adebayor.

So yeah, this probably isn't a thing that we should be worried about right now. The Star are not a paper that I would traditionally trust for anything at all and certainly not anything like this. And even if I did have some trust in them, the complete lack of any sources, evidence, or writing skill has me giving this no credence whatsoever.

Aston Villa are likely to eventually be sold. His recent input of cash aside, I can't see Randy Lerner hanging around forever. But this story is a non-starter. Check back when there's some actual journalism happening.