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What one thing would you change about Aston Villa?

I know you probably have a long list, but what one thing would you like to change?

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We all want things. And if you're reading this website, odds are you want some things in relation to Aston Villa. I don't think any Villa fan is happy about the situation the club are currently in. But there's not much we can really do about it right now. But what if we could...

Q: If you could change anything about Aston Villa, what is the one thing you would pick to change?


Ownership. I'm not necessarily certain that it's going to fix anything to switch owners, but having the possibility ever-present feels like a sword of Damocles hanging over the club. Let's get new owners in and see what the direction of the club will be moving forward. Until then, it'll just keep feeling like we're in limbo.


I'm with Robert - Villa need twenty-first century ownership and they need it now.

I'm not just talking about buying players either. If Villa plough money into scouting and development, we could be a powerhouse within ten years. You don't need to buy Aguero every year if you can find a few Bentekes! Football is more a business than a sport and Villa need to put themselves into a position where they can play the market.


Like the other responses, ownership is a distinctly obnoxious uncertainty hanging over Villa's head. There are all sorts of rumors on social media that new ownership is weeks away, but I'll believe it when it's done. Aside from that, and by the time this is posted the new kits will have been unveiled, there's the yellow away kits. This is an affront to aesthetics. It doesn't just tempt fate but does it while slapping karma in the face, and it's also yellow. Granted, I have no idea what the kit will look like aside from being yellow (cadmium yellow medium if you're nit-picky), but Villa haven't had the best of luck in yellow or, recently, against it. It's a cursed color. I hope I'm proven wrong, but I would have preferred keeping the '14-'15 away kit or going with a '57 throwback look.

(Note: The new kits were released in the time since this question was first sent out, so here is what Bennett's reaction was to them.)

As a postscript to my initial reply, the new kits are solid. I was worried about a blue and yellow with claret accents monstrosity, but I love the black and yellow kits even if they do look a bit Dortmund-esque.


I'd move the stadium. I'm super lazy and I don't want to take a ten minute train ride to get to Villa Park, so if they could move it closer that would be great. Otherwise ownership like everyone else said.


This is going to sound whiny but I wish Villa had whatever it is the other clubs have that makes players like Fabian Delph and Christian Benteke want to stay.


Have to second the idea of a more holistic strategy in the transfer market as well as the glaring ownership issue. On a more pedantic note the Villa Store sign should be changed back to saying Villa Village at the ground, why they ever changed it I'll never know.


There are a multitude of problems concerning the way the club is run. We're not even close to maximising our potential on or off the pitch. Gross underperformance has become the norm. We have to change the way we approach company structure, football business, recruitment and start acting like we're Aston Villa. Not some team that recently spent 43 years in League 1 and just honoured to be taking part.

Tom Fox might have some bright ideas but it's still always Lerner's final decision. If he stays he's the one that appoints the new chairman. He organises the new board. His heart is in the right place but the last several years have proven he doesn't make good football or business decisions.

The limbo over the ownership situation is killing any chance we have to progress. We need an owner that knows what he is doing or can at least recruit the right people in key positions. Until we get that success is impossible.


I'm actually gonna go with scouting. It's not that Villa do a particularly bad job scouting right now, it's just that I think they can do better. I'm not saying they need to go out and find world-class players on the cheap as that's not particularly possible. But I think that there might be better players for the same amount of money spent on someone like Antonio Luna. If Villa did do a better job scouting, it might make the situation a little more bearable and improve-able in the short term, and make Villa a little more viable for purchase in the long term.

That's what we had to say and now we want to hear from you. If you could change one thing about Aston Villa, what would it be?