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Seeking: Traveling Villa fans with a desire to write

We want your views, and we want them from the stands!

Pete Sutton

Last year we ran a feature called "From the Stands" in which we had people who had gone to a match report on what they had seen. For the most part, we took matches from Villa Park. This year, I want to flip it a bit: the same From the Stands, but for away days.

The goal would be to get a first-person account of Aston Villa's matches. What did you see in the stands? What stood out live that we may have missed on television? Was there a new chant that had particular impact? I want you to tell us what it's like to be a Villa fan traveling in enemy territory.

So I'm looking for volunteers to write. Here is the general outline of expectations:

  • This is NOT a paid gig. As you can imagine, we run on a shoestring budget, so unfortunately I cannot offer monetary compensation.
  • Each writer would take 2-4 matches (we'll finalize a number when I find out how many people are interested), and then we would switch to another writer.
  • The writer would need to have a from-the-stands story to me in time to publish the day after the match.
  • I want pieces that are 300 words or longer
  • I will edit all submissions, but you will be free to express your opinions (even if they are contrary to what you see on the site elsewhere). My editing will be for grammar/style and to make sure nothing offensive is written.
  • There will be no restriction on what you write or how you write it. Tell us your story from the stands in the best way you see fit!

Again, this is not a long-term gig, nor is it a paying one. But if you like writing, like having a built-in audience, and want to share your passion for Aston Villa, this could be for you! We do not currently need people to write from Villa Park, as we're working on a new series to give you the view from there.

If you're interested, please drop me a line at I look forward to hearing from you!