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Report: Veretout signing is imminent after medical with Villa tomorrow

Plenty of us were expecting to sign Jordan Veretout today, but this is still good news.

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Pictures surfaced earlier today of a player or person at Villa Park who plenty of us (myself included) thought was Jordan Veretout holding up an Aston Villa kit. That's it, then, it's done and dusted. We all just settled in to wait for the announcement.

It turns out that we may have been a bit quick to jump to that conclusion if Sky Sports are to be trusted:

Ugh. So you mean we may have to wait THREE days between signings? Come on, Aston Villa. Who are we? Liverpool? Good heavens.

All sarcasm and kidding aside, this is definitely good news. Whether Veretout signs today, tomorrow, or Saturday is pretty inconsequential in the bigger picture. He looks to be a really good player that Villa can help build a midfield around and it looks as if he will be joining us from Nantes. That's all that matters.

That said, I wouldn't mind if Villa signed him sooner rather than later. But that's because I'm an impatient transfer junkie.