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Villa ready to make statement on Friday Night Football.

Villa will be playing onEngland's main stage for opening home game.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Friday Night Football.

It's a word that will set off warning signs in the heads of traditionalists, but no one can deny that it should be an exciting occasion as the working week is capped off with a football match. And it's not just any football match; Aston Villa will look to make a statement in their first home game of the upcoming season against LVG's Manchester United.

The bad news? The FA didn't exactly want to kick off their new Friday Night Football regime with the boys in Claret and Blue - but their hand had been forced by an English Defence League march in the West Midlands on Saturday the 15th of August.

Apparently the EDL are defending television screens from having to endure Aston Villa for two hours. Joking aside, it will certainly be a landmark occasion that will give Sherwood his chance to show the world that Aston Villa are not the mediocre whipping boys of seasons past.

So set your reminders, Aston Villa will host Manchester United at Villa Park at 7:45PM on Friday the 14th of August and if you can't make it to the game it's on SKY SPORTS, as stated by The Guardian. So if you're not sacrificing your Friday night out to watch the Villa in person, at least you can pre-drink your sorrows away.

But we have to lose first.