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Villa given massive injury boost with only ten days left until season

It may just be a U21 match, but there's good news in that lineup.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

After Aston Villa turned what was supposedly a U21 match against Forest Green Rovers into a second-string turnout last week, I was eager to see what would happen with this week's similar match. And so when Villa released the lineup, I scanned it with interest. "Okay, yep, young, yep, young, young, boring, whatever, uh-huh, YES!"

Here, I'll let you see for yourself:

It's the return of Jack Grealish! The 19-year-old who will likely play a vital creative role with Villa this season hasn't featured in any preseason matches thus far thanks to a hamstring injury picked up on the team's trip to Portugal. But apparently he's well enough to be starting in a low-pressure match today.

That probably means we'll see him this weekend at Nottingham Forest and then hopefully in the starting XI for Bournemouth in a few days time.

No matter what happens, though, it's great to see Jack back!