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Potential signing fills massive gap left by Weimann, Benteke

The departures of Aston Villa forwards Andi Weimann and Christian Benteke have left a big hole to fill in the goal celebration department. But fear not, Emmanuel Adebayor is (almost) here!

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

With a pair of forward departures, Aston Villa have lost quite a bit in a vitally important department this offseason.

And while you might be thinking, "Wait, Andi Weimann didn’t score goals," well, I’m not talking about that.

No, I’m talking about what comes after a goal; the all-important celebration.

While Andi’s productivity wavered after his first full season in Claret and Blue, his celebrations never did.

Whether it was standing in front of the Holte End, holding his hands out during Villa’s shock win over Manchester City or cupping his ears in front of the same fans, the Austrian always had some of the best celebrations.

Oh, yeah, and there was his signature one, which Robert described best a month ago.

"Let's remember the best celebration in football, when the Austrian predator would throw his hands up and launch Apollonian arrows into the world to announce his presence."

And to be fair, Christian Benteke’s celebrations weren’t too shabby either. Whether it was the Belgian pointing both hands up after putting the ball in the back of the net or jumping and punching the air, his celebrations were pretty iconic for fans of the Claret and Blue.

But that’s okay, because the impending arrival of Emmanuel Adebayor means Villa won’t suffer for long in the celebration department.

Sure, we’re all awaiting the next glorious Ade and Tim Sherwood salute — how couldn’t you be excited for that? — but he’s also been involved in one of the best goal celebrations of all-time:

It may have been six years ago, but Adebayor’s sprint to the other end of the pitch just to celebrate in front of the Arsenal fans -- who had been giving him hell, including racist chants for the whole match -- was absolutely perfect.

So, as always, keep your trust in Timmy. It looks like he’s keeping one of the most-important roles well-stocked at Villa Park.

(Also, you just know Jack Grealish’s goal celebration is going to be awesome. I can’t wait to see that one.)