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Injured Villa centre back may be out until at least September

Jores Okore had his knee operated on. Now we won't see him until at least September.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Near the end of last season, we knew that Jores Okore was suffering strain on his knee from playing a tough, physical season. It didn't seem to be anything big, and it still doesn't, but we now know that Okore won't be back until at least September.

Thus continues The Great Aston Villa Injury Plague. Okore was supposed to be out for 6-8 weeks. That would have put him back in August. And according to Gregg Evans, Okore apparently thought that's what would happen. Now it's September, meaning that we're looking at 12 weeks. Okay, no big deal. But remember we heard and saw some of the same moving deadlines with Libor Kozak. At the beginning of last season it was thought that Kozak could be back by December. Then February. Then April. And he finally saw action against Fulham two weeks ago, 18 months after his injury.

Does that mean we should panic? No. Okore could very well be back in September. Or maybe even earlier! But given Villa's track record with TGAVIP, I'm not counting on it. At least we've got Ciaran Clark and Micah Richards ready to start with Philippe Senderos, Nathan Baker, and Janoi Donacien in reserve.