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Christian Benteke set for Liverpool Move

All that stands in the way is a medical. Bye Christian!

Stu Forster/ Getty Images

All great sagas must come to a close one day. Fast & Furious, Matt Fraction's Hawkeye, The Lord of The Rings. All have come to a close in some way or another and now we can add the great saga of Christian Benteke to the list.

The beloved Belgian is a medical away from a megabucks deal which will take him from Birmingham to Merseyside and Benteke is all but certain to be a Liverpool FC player within a week.

As reported by the BBC, Liverpool have flew out a club doctor to assess Christian Benteke's health and fitness before a deal is signed. This does indicate that Aston Villa have succeeded in their negotiations to have a full payment of £32.5 million instead of a tepid instalment option preferred by Liverpool. What remains to be seen is whether Benteke's previous injuries were a result of being overplayed or because of a more serious underlying problem.

Benteke moving right now is the best option for both the club and player. Villa and Sherwood can either bring in someone new, or use the missing squad slot to offer playing time to some of the many promising youngsters in the Villa reserves. As for Benteke, he will be plying his trade at a higher level than Villa can offer right now and it is only fair that such a quality player be allowed to leave after doing more than his fair share of 'saviour work' at Villa Park. Let us not forget that Benteke could have left to Tottenham not two years ago for £16 Million, but he decided to stay at Aston Villa. I don't think anyone can doubt his loyalty after that.

Villa are now a club with a lot of money to spend and a massive hole in the squad. We won't miss his sulking, tantrums, laziness or offside stats; but we will miss those breakouts, shows of strength, headed goals and moments of absolute magic. It's been a delight having you Christian.