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New 2015-16 Aston Villa kits partially revealed: Yellow and hoops, oh my

Aston Villa have teased their 2015-16 kits, and they are pretty interesting.

Aston Villa have given us our first glimpse of the new kits for the 2015-16 season with a surprisingly detailed set of teaser photos ahead of the July 7 unveiling. And you know what? I really like what I'm seeing on the home kit. The away kit? Well that's something on which I'll have to reserve judgment. Let's take a look. First, the claret home kit, modeled by Jack Grealish:

(Credit: Aston Villa Official Site)

Claret main part, blue piping down the sides, and blue sleeves with a bit of claret trim on the edges. I'd say that's a solid, hard-to-screw-up start. The dark almost pinstripe-like hoops might give some people pause, but I like the look, and when you see the other promo photo with Christian Benteke, it's pretty clear that they're not all that visible from afar.

That's a good start. But what about the keeper away kits, modeled by Gabby Agbonlahor?

(Credit: Aston Villa Official Site)

Well that's a departure from the norm. Bright yellow, huh? I'm not ready to write this off entirely (whereas MOMS are already worried), but I wonder what the rest will look like. A sea of yellow could be pretty ugly. But yellow with some blue trim? That could be pretty cool. Yellow has been an accent color in the past few years thanks to the Dafabet sponsorship. And you don't have to go far back to find Villa wearing a yellow kit: 2005-06 and 2003-04 both featured yellow away kits.

Heck, maybe the thought was: Arsenal beat us in the FA Cup final wearing yellow, maybe that's all it takes.

I know plenty of people have dislike what Macron have done, but I've been generally pleased. This year's kits were stunning (especially the away kit) and it's the last year of Macron's deal, so they'll definitely be putting forth their best effort.

We'll find out the final results on Tuesday, but until then this will have to keep us. What do you think? Excited for what's to come or, like MOMS, worried about that yellow? Let us know below!