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Favourite moments from the 2014-15 Aston Villa season?

It ended poorly, but there were some fun parts!

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Well last Saturday sucked. To get our minds off that, I thought I'd ask the 7500 to Holte staff to talk about some of the happier parts from this season.

Q: The season is over. What was your favourite moment from the 2014-15 Aston Villa season?


The part where I wiped it from my memory forever, about 10am this morning! West Brom in the quarter final was almost as good as the final was bad. But let's not sugar coat it, this has been another dismal season. Whoever is running the club has to change so much. There is a long term place in the Championship with our name on it if this pattern continues.


The week when Villa best West Brom twice. Having only one actual rival and then doubling them twice in a week, once for survival and once to advance to Wembley, was something this fan base desperately needed. Arguably the best week the club has had in 4-5 years. I'll never forget the atmosphere at Villa Park for either game.


Christian Benteke's equalizer against Liverpool in the FA Cup semi-final, not just because of how important it was but more because of its aesthetic brilliance - Delph´s dribble, the one-two with Grealish and the perfect volley - the kind of team goal you have to watch a couple of times just to figure out what happened. It had been a long, long time since I saw a Villa team goal like that.


The win over Liverpool in the semi-final would take the cake, but I'll also give a shout to the 1-0 win at Anfield on the fourth weekend of the season. It put us second (only behind Chelsea) despite having a not-entirely-easy opening to the season. While the style of football wasn't necessarily sustainable, we were doing a really good job of getting the results without Benteke to push on and finish comfortably mid-table.

Plus, my two best friends that follow football are both Liverpool supporters, so they were two fun chances to gloat.


Certainly nothing from Paul Lambert's regime, that's for sure! Probably the 1-0 win over West Ham a few weeks ago for me. It all but guaranteed our safety, and I was lucky enough to be sitting in the front row behind the goal, so to see Tom Cleverley score his third in as many games was pretty awesome.


This is really tough because there were plenty of really good moments but not one great I'll-never-forget-that moments. For me, the magnitude of Saturday's defeat in the FA Cup Final kind of diminishes all of the great cup moments this season just a bit.

So I'll go with Benteke's winning penalty against West Brom. I was watching the match at work and was pretty annoyed with the looming draw, knowing that Villa needed three points. But when Lowton fortunately won the penalty, I jumped out of my chair and startled my whole office. Benteke cooly stroked home the spot kick, and the Villa revival under Tim Sherwood was underway.


Definitely West Brom week at Villa Park. To win that first match on a last-second penalty was amazing, and then to carry the momentum into the quarterfinal and secure a trip to Wembley days after was even better. I was floating on a cloud for the week after, sure that it meant Villa had turned around. And they had, just not as much as we'd hoped.


Honestly? Not much. The initial euphoria surrounding Sherwood's appointment was quickly dampened in an awful concluding stretch that has left us with more questions than answers.

I would, however, be a fool to ignore the delight that filled us all when we battered the Baggies twice in a week.

Now that's why I'm a Villa fan, success might be a bit overrated.


I know everyone loves attacking football and I do too, but there's something special about watching your team withstand an all-out attack in the last ten minutes of a game. Especially when, even though the other team is more talented and is getting chances, you know that your team is just not going to concede. So for me, watching Villa close out Liverpool is the FA Cup semifinal is my favorite moment. Other than the Gerrard header cleared off the line, Liverpool didn't really have any good chances. Nearly every goal has a heart-sinking moment just before it goes in where you know it's about to go in. Sometimes misses cause that feeling too, but I never got that feeling down the stretch. Even though if you had asked me if I was nervous during that ten minutes, I would've said yes, Villa always seemed to have them just contained enough to see out the win. And that was awesome. I just wish it had lead to something more.

Those are our answers and now we want to hear from you. What were your favorite moments from this season?