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Burnley sign Aston Villa right back Matthew Lowton

Matthew Lowton has officially completed the move from Aston Villa to Burnley.

Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Last week Aston Villa sold off the once-promising striker Andi Weimann. This week it's once-promising right-back Matthew Lowton who is being shipped off. As was widely expected, Burnley have completed the transfer for Lowton for an undisclosed fee. It's likely to be something in the range of £1 million, though, which would be a profit of £250,000 on the player but oh god who cares about money at this level. The good news for Lowton here is that he should have no trouble remembering which kits to pass to.

I've always rated Lowton more highly than have the managers for whom he has played. Given the option of him, Alan Hutton, or Leandro Bacuna at right back for next season, I'd probably take Lowton. Bonus points go to him for deputising well for a few matches at left back this season, too.

But as much as I like Lowton (a lot), this isn't a huge blow. He's a good player with potential, but is he head and shoulders above the other options there? Certainly not. As a decision in the here-and-now, this is perfectly reasonable. If you want to be angry about it, be angry at the fact that Villa did such a miserable job of developing such a promising player.

In the meantime, let's all remember this beauty:

Stoke-Villa 4/6/13

Best of luck, Matt. Become the player I always wanted you to, please.