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Dismal season sees Aston Villa league earnings drop by £4 million

The Premier League have announced their winnings for the 2014-15 season.

Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Aston Villa collected £68,620,722 from the Premier League this year in a combination of equal share payments, facilities fees, and merit pay. The number is more than a 5% drop from last year's total which saw the club wind up with more than £72 million.

The breakdown of the numbers includes just under £5 million for a 17th-place finish in the league and £9.5 million for facilities fees that cover eleven live broadcasts on UK television. The rest of the money is made up of £22 million in equal share payments, £28 in overseas television contracts, and £4.4 in central commercial payments. Those three numbers were the same for all twenty Premier League clubs.

Had Villa won on the last day against Burnley, they would have finished 15th and received approximately £7.5 million. Instead, the insipid performance cost the club £2.5 million (not to mention the lost momentum that carried over to an even worse FA Cup final performance).

These numbers will seem tiny compared to what comes after the 2016-17 season, which will be the first for the Premier League under their new TV contract. At that time it's quite possible that every club will receive an equal share payment alone that rivals the money Villa got in total this year.

The full table of numbers was published by the Premier League: