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FA Cup final infographic: Everything you need to know for Villa-Arsenal

We've put everything you need to know for the FA Cup final in one graphic.

Tomorrow Aston Villa will face Arsenal at Wembley in the FA Cup final. Say it again. And again. Villa are going to Wembley, and they're going to play for what is possibly the most prestigious cup in world football.

Just keep saying it for a bit, because you're not going to get tired of hearing that, and for the next 24 hours we've got nothing but anticipation and hope.

Coming into this match, Villa are reeling a bit. After a massive stretch of five matches that saw them get wins against Spurs, Everton, and West Ham in the league and Liverpool in the semifinals of the cup, Villa struggled to the finish line. In the penultimate week they were pummeled 6-1 at St. Mary's by Southampton, and then on Sunday they limped to an 0-1 loss to Burnley in which no one played as if they cared.

Arsenal, meanwhile, ripped off eight league wins in a row and then lost momentum. In their last six matches, they managed the same nine points that Villa got.

In anticipation of the biggest match that Villa have played this decade, we commissioned graphic designer and artist Bennett Berry to make an infographic that encapsulates everything you need to know about the matchup. We've got club history, FA Cup history, and recent stats galore. Enjoy!

FA Cup Infographic