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Help powerchair Villans play football and you could win a Delph shirt!

If you help us help the Villa Rockets Powerchair Football club you can be entered to win a free shirt from The Art of Football!

The Art of Football

As you likely have noticed, we're running a fundraiser to get a new powerchair for the Villa Rockets Powerchair Football club. (If you haven't noticed, read about the fundraiser here or donate here.) You may have also noticed that this week is the week of the FA Cup final. And today, I'm happy to announce that we get to combine both into an awesome giveaway.

I contacted the folks at The Art of Football to see if they would be willing to let us give away another of their amazing Road to Wembley shirts in support of the fundraiser. They were quick to agree, and so we get to announce the giveaway now! If you make any donation to the fundraiser before kickoff on Saturday, you can be entered to win this amazing t-shirt for free:


If you're interested in other shirts, they have plenty of options at their website (linked above), including an awesome one showing Peter Withe's European-winning goal.

But now is your chance to get Fabian Delph scoring the opener in the quarterfinal against West Brom.

How to Enter

  1. Make a donation to our Villa Rockets fundraiser by clicking here. Any donation will get an entry.
  2. Take a screenshot of the confirmation email you receive. Here's what mine looked like:
  3. Upload it somewhere on the Internet so that you can get a URL (try imgur, Facebook, or practically any other image hosting service).
  4. Post that image as a comment below. You can do that by clicking on the image button in the comments and entering the URL in the window that pops up: 

  5. Submit your comment.
  6. That's it! You're entered!
If you have any questions, let us know in the comments. Or you can shoot me an email at Once the Final kicks off, we'll close entries. A winner will be announced after a random drawing on Monday. Thanks for your help, and good luck!