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Villa linked with Spurs striker Adebayor

He was a favourite of Tim Sherwood when he was at Spurs, but is Emmanuel Adebayor set to link up with his former boss at Villa?

Ian Walton/Getty Images

With Premier League safety secured, Aston Villa can now look forward to what could be a busy summer with plenty of players arriving and departing. One potential arrival may be that of Tottenham Hotspurs' Emmanual Adebayor.

The origins of this story are pretty obvious. Ever the polarizing figure, Adebayor recaptured his lost form last season in part thanks to the man management style of a certain Tim Sherwood. Indeed, the relationship between the two was well documented, with Adebayor going so far as to say:

"No matter where he goes, I will always keep him in my heart and I have a huge respect for him - as a manager, as a friend, as an ex-footballer, because he knows what it takes to be a footballer."

Quite the bromance. But, if the rumours are true and Christian Benteke is set to depart, Aston Villa are going to need a new striker.

Why not Adebayor?

Physically, he is capable of playing a similar role to Christian Benteke's current role, minus some of the pace. Surrounded by creative players like Fabian Delph, Jack Grealish, Leandro Bacuna and the newly signed Scott Sinclair, there's no reason why Adebayor couldn't be the focal point of Villa's attack, acting as a target man and a physical threat in the box. Combine his physical attributes, his relationship with Tim Sherwood, and Villa's potential need for a striker this summer and this all looks to be the perfect move for Villa.

So why is this move unlikely to happen?

The main barrier preventing this from being the perfect solution to a problem that Villa may or may not have is wages. Having played for the likes of Monaco, Arsenal, Manchester City and even Real Madrid during his career, Emanuel Adebayor likely garners a fair wage, one that Villa probably can't match. This is especially true given that we don't even know who will be the owner of the club by the end of the summer. If his heart isn't fully invested in the club, Randy Lerner probably won't be willing to fork out the required wage budget to get Emmanuel Adebayor in. In addition, Adebayor is currently having some personal issues, which would make his signing that bit riskier, as we would have no idea what sort of mindset he is in come August.

Quite simply, it isn't a risk worth taking.