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BREAKING: Aston Villa secure Premier League safety with Tottenham win over Hull

They didn't make it easy, but Aston Villa are guaranteed to be in the Premier League for the 2015-16 season.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Aston Villa have secured another season in the Premier League despite their best efforts to do otherwise. They came into the day only needing a win or a Hull loss to guarantee safety from relegation. They tossed away the chance at the win by getting blown apart by Southampton 6-1 at St. Mary's Stadium this morning. But luckily, Tottenham Hotspur managed to revert their recent form and beat Hull.

The Tigers are now four points behind Aston Villa with one match left to play, and given that Burnley and QPR have already been relegated that's all that Villa need. If things go terribly, Villa could still wind up in 17th while 14th looks like the best they could do (barring a West Brom loss and a Villa win that were both large enough to overcome a 12-goal differential).

Elsewhere in the relegation fight, Leicester City secured their Premier League status with a goalless draw at Sunderland. When you consider what dire straights the Foxes found themselves in two months ago, their escape is nothing short of miraculous. Sunderland, with the point, pushed themselves three points clear of Hull. Newcastle, the only other relevant team in the discussion, wasted an early 0-1 lead at QPR to lose 2-1 will be fearing for their lives next Sunday.