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A day of disappointment and "if onlys" at Villa Park

Gema Lilley returns for her second report from the stands of Villa Park.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Gema Lilley returns for her second and final report from the stands. She is again coming to us from the C6 section of the Trinity Road stand.

Gema From the Stands


So here I am again at my place of worship, and tonight's atmosphere is a little less hyper than at the Swansea match. I'm feeling nervously excited, we really need these points! One thing I do notice though is that our fans are way louder than the QPR's and we can hardly hear them, which is unusual. Maybe they are more nervous than us!

Both managers greet one another with a warm embrace and Sherwood sits down and Ramsey stays standing in his technical area. So we kick off and the fans are cheering and we start off really well keep getting forward but Sherwood didn't stay sitting for long he was up shouting his orders along side our goal keeping coach Tony Parks. Then, not long into the game, and they score. Cannot believe it! With a goal from Phillips our defence looked as nervous as hell. Mr Sherwood throws a drinks bottle at the ground in what can only be frustration.

We continue to go forward and are rewarded by a Benteke goal and the place is bouncing!!! We continue to go forward which I think is great even though a little risky at times. Benteke crosses the ball across to young Jack Grealish but he just hits it a little to late and goes out for a goal kick. The match continues at a fast pace and Benteke scores again and everyone go wild!!! My sister who came to this match with me holds her ears as I scream at the top of my voice absolutely amazing wahoo!!! Come on me Villa boys!!! So we go into half time on a high!

Players come out, but about ten minutes in and QPR get their equaliser. From what I can gather we are brilliant at playing in their half but as soon as QPR get into ours we lose our nerves a little. We need to keep our cool and not go to pot, then we would have more of a chance at winning these "must win" matches. We do, however, get forward as much as we can and have a fair few chances. The fans around the ground are getting even more frustrated with the the ref to be fair some of his decisions were very strange. I think I would have preferred the fourth official on the pitch, even though it's Lee Mason who is never a favourite with us Villa fans!

Then Philips gets the ball to Austin and Sanchez and Richardson can't get it off him and he's in the box and gets his shot in and I'm and those around me are deflated for the first time in the match I'm slummed back in my seat totally gutted. Still the good old Holtenders keep on willing us on the away fans still don't seem to get any louder, and we keep on pushing. And then we get a free kick just outside the area and everyone is on their feet as Benteke steps up to take it. And we score! The relief is very apparent but also tinged with disappointment and "if onlys," we didn't have so many defensive player injured. All through our season we have been down on our luck with defenders getting injured. I think we really missed Alan Hutton today helping us through midfield. All in all I think we played to the best of our ability with the players we had available, but please lord if your listening throw us some a bit of luck!


Thanks, again for the report Gema! I particularly love the bits on Sherwood that we can't catch on television. Be sure to give Gema a follow on twitter and send your thanks for her stories!