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Villa sustain yet another defender injury ahead of Sunderland match

Aston Villa's injury reserves are even getting injured.

Tony Marshall/Getty Images

I normally keep one eye on updates from the Aston Villa reserve matches, and today something made me do a double take:

You may recognize Lewis Kinsella as the name that you didn't recognize on this weekend's team sheet. He's a 20-year-old left back in the Villa academy who was called into the senior team to serve as depth for a defense that has seen Aly Cissokho, Kieran Richardson, Ron Vlaar, Nathan Baker and Philippe Senderos injured (as well as Alan Hutton suspended). So while he isn't a vital player in normal times, Kinsella is almost our last bandage for the defense. Naturally, I was a bit worried about the early sub.

Liz Owen reported back to us on what had happened:

Apparently our defenders are cursed. We haven't heard who among the walking wounded will be back this weekend for the Sunderland match, but if the injury list stays the same this really stinks. Yes we'll be okay if no one else gets injured (during the week or the match), but after the past few weeks I feel like a unicorn playing left back is more likely.

Wrap the back four in bubble wrap this week, Tim. Don't let them go outside. And keep them in padded rooms. They may play with foam toys only.