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How to follow Aston Villa's 2015 FA Cup semi-final draw online

Aston Villa are headed to Wembley! Here's how you can follow along online as we find out their next opponents.

Tom Shaw/Getty Images

You may have heard a rumour that Aston Villa won yesterday. Well, it's true! And with that 2-0 over West Bromwich Albion they've become the first team to book a trip to Wembley for the FA Cup semi-finals. There they will face one of Bradford, Reading, Liverpool, Blackburn, Manchester United, or Arsenal. Regardless of what happens in the Liverpool-Blackburn match that is happening as I type, Villa are guaranteed at least a 1-in-3 chance of facing a lower league side in the match.

As this is Villa's first trip to Wembley since the 2010 FA Cup semi-final, I imagine many of you will be eager to see who we get. So we've compiled everything you need to follow the draw and know the results the second they happen.

How to follow the semi-final draw

When: around 9:45 PM GMT, it will follow the Manchester United-Arsenal match

Television: BBC 1

Twitter: This is probably the easiest way to follow along. The go-to account is, of course, that of the FA.

Live text: The BBC will have live-text updates of the draw. While their story is not yet up, you can bookmark their FA Cup page.

Streaming: If you don't mind a probable late start and being 30-60 seconds behind everyone on twitter, the FA will stream the draw on YouTube.


So who do you want to see Villa draw? My own personal fear is Arsenal, but I love the chance at getting a lower league side. And at the very least there can be no repeat of the Chelsea match in those aforementioned 2010 semi-finalls.