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Tim Sherwood opens up in interview, makes us love him more

Tim Sherwood quotes are the best. And the Aston Villa manager sure gave plenty of them in his interview with the Daily Mail.

Tim Sherwood: Great at giving quotes.
Tim Sherwood: Great at giving quotes.
Clive Mason/Getty Images

When Tim Sherwood was hired a few weeks ago to take over struggling Aston Villa, we all knew that - regardless of his results on the pitch - he would at least make Villa more entertaining off it.

And in an extensive interview with the Daily Mail, the new Aston Villa manager has done just that, giving some great incite into his personality, past experiences and goals for the club - along with several amazing quotes that make it hard not to root for the guy.

Here's some of Sherwood's best from the interview.

On the pressure of playing for Aston Villa:

"I don't want to hear crap about how difficult it is to play at home. Playing for a big club comes with pressure. Anyone can do it with a lesser club - but you have to have bullocks to play for Aston Villa. This is a big club."

On his emotional displays on the touchline during games:

"I could try acting. I could sit down and make little notes and everyone would say I've matured. But I know that's impossible. I can't imagine being any different 500 games in. People thought I would calm down as a player, but I didn't."

On why Aston Villa differ from other relegation candidates:

"We're like Everton. I don't think we've got a group of players who are cut out for a relegation battle. We can't be the Crystal Palace of last year, or the West Brom of this year. Digging in, blood and thunder, lump the ball in, protecting a lead - that's not us."

On his strategy to help Aston Villa's players succeed:

"Our more suited to pushing for a place in the Europa League. I tell them: We do it our way. Go and get the ball. If you give it away, get it back and we start again. I think it takes more courage to do that. It's easier to destroy than create."

On galvanizing supporters and improving the atmosphere at Villa Park:

"People say the fans have to get behind the team. Hold on, why must they cheer? You make them cheer. They're the only loyal people in the game. Make the difference for them, get them on your side."

The full interview is great and definitely worth a read, with Sherwood also shedding light on his playing career and his time coaching and managing at Tottenham, including a great story on his post-match bust-up with the Chelsea coaching staff last season.

It remains to be seen whether Tim Sherwood can steer Aston Villa safe of relegation and/or deeper into the FA Cup.

But it's at least nice for Aston Villa fans to have a manager that speaks openly about his thoughts and goals and doesn't stick to the same tired cliches that Paul Lambert used during his doomed reign.