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Sherwood welcomes Stiliyan Petrov back into Villa backroom staff

New Aston Villa manager Tim Sherwood has welcomed former midfielder Stiliyan Petrov into his backroom staff.

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Tim Sherwood spent a large chunk of his career at Tottenham, and then came back and coached at the club for five years before being named its manager. If anyone knows the value of former players continuing as a part of a team's system, it's Sherwood.

So it should be no surprise that less than a month after he was named manager of Aston Villa, Sherwood has worked to bring former midfielder Stiliyan Petrov back into the backroom staff. Petrov was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2012 but successfully beat the disease and joined the Villa youth coaching squad for a few months in 2013. He then left to focus on his personal life (and to play Sunday League football).

Petrov's Impact on Birmingham

But now he's back at the club, and though his role is less well-defined than his last stint at coaching, he will be very involved. Sherwood said that Petrov: "is a great asset - and I'd like to welcome him here. You want as many winners as you can. I will continue to talk to him and find out where he thinks he can contribute - and where I think I can use him."

Petrov was not always the best footballer in the world, but he was unquestionably one of the most well-loved players in Villa history. That, combined with the fact that he played with and knew many of the players still on the squad, means that this is a great move. Welcome back to Villa, Stan. We missed you.