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Lambert: I've nothing but good things to say about Aston Villa

Villa's ex-boss clears the air on a recent TV appearence

Honestly didn't think we'd have to use a picture of him again!
Honestly didn't think we'd have to use a picture of him again!
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

We've long since moved on and it appears that Paul Lambert is ready to do the same. Lambert had taken a step back from the spotlight after leaving Villa in February in order to expand on his knowledge of the game by hanging out with that Jurgen Klopp character before taking on his UEFA PRO exams.

Aston Villa's old manager appeared on the BBC's Football Focus earlier today in what seems to be an attempt to get himself out there for his next role.

Obviously, Lambert wasn't just there to be a pretty Scottish face and was grilled on his past as a Villan and how his promising start turned into an absolute trainwreck of a 2014-2015 winter period. Any journalist or presenter worth his/her salt would have had to ask him about it.

"It's a brilliant football club as everybody knows. I came in at a really tough time and obviously when the financial reports came out the losses are way down now and from my point of view the club's in a much healthier position than when I first went in there. It's a great club, great people I've left behind, good people I've left behind and there's times when you look back when you think maybe I should have done that better or different, but I've got nothing but good things to say about the club" - Paul Lambert speaking on BBC's Football Focus

The general consensus of Villa fans seems to be the same- there's nothing bad to say about a man who tried and sometimes these things simply don't work out. The parting was clearly the best for both parties and even better for Lambert's skin.

Villa aren't doing that bad without him either - I mean, seven goals in four games from Tim Sherwood's rejuvenated side is a hell of a tally considering their previous performances. I wonder what could Lambert have been doing so, so wrong?