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Aston Villa targeting World Cup record breaker?

Aston Villa seem to be chasing up Lazio's World Cup top scorer.

Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

Transfer news in mid-March? It's likely not true then, but still exciting enough!

According to Talksport, both Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur are chasing Lazio's Miroslav Klose. Interestingly enough, Lazio are one of a number of clubs who are chasing Villa's Ron Vlaar. Even more interesting is the fact that both Klose and Vlaar are running out of time on their respective club contracts (Klose has the option for a one year extension). Maybe a last-minute swap deal is on the cards?

If so, Aston Villa would be signing the World Cup's best ever striker (unofficially, of course). Miroslav is currently the FIFA World Cup's highest ever goalscorer, beating Pele, Gerd Müller and Ronaldo to that title. A partnership of Benteke and Klose would quite obviously be a massive improvement over Agbonlahor and Benteke and would actually fill one of Villa's more pressing needs. It's clear that AVFC are lacking someone with basic forward positioning instincts and finishing skills (someone like Darren Bent, but that ship has sailed) and Klose would fulfil that role with aplomb and not just be a marquee signing.

As I said at the start, Villa might be throwing up smoke signals to try and grab someone else and it's early days yet, but imagine - Miroslav Klose at Villa?