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Aston Villa winger receives prestigious national footballing award

Aston Villa winger Jack Grealish has been named Ireland's U21 player of the year.

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Our heartiest congratulations go out to Jack Grealish who received Irelands U21 player of the year award! Here you can see the young Aston Villa winger nattily dressed and accepting his prize:

There's football to talk here, but a part of me just wants to give him a high five for making that three-piece suit work so darn well (though next time let's get the shirt collars under control, eh Jack?).

Back to football. Grealish has been having a fantastic year, playing well in the Villa and Ireland youth setups and garnering more and more senior team time with Aston Villa. There is a cynical part of me that wonders if perhaps he wasn't given the award to help sway his decision as to whether he will represent Ireland or England in senior international football, but when you look at everything he's done this year it's still well deserved.

So congrats to Jack! Never a bad sign to see Villa academy products getting their due.