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Sherwood is 'Wright' for Villa

Arsenal's very own Ian Wright is loving Tim Sherwood's reign at Villa so far.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Tim Sherwood cut a divisive figure the moment he stepped onto the Villa Park pitch. Many thought he would inject the club with the spirit it had been lacking in the Lambert days, but there was a camp of fans who remembered the gilet tossing, the '59% win ration' (it is second to none..) Tim Sherwood. After Villa were defeated by Stoke to a last minute penalty, I think we were all still unsure at what Tim we were getting.

After 3 wins on the bounce, a trip to Wembley and a larger shot of survival, I think we can all gladly say that Tim Sherwood is welcome at Villa Park. In his last match, he rammed his ironic 'Tactic's Tim' moniker down Gus Poyet's throat to the tune of a 4-0 victory away from home in England's North-East.

It's not just Villa fans who are admiring Sherwood's 'rebrand' of Aston Villa though! Speaking to The Sun, Ian Wright is pretty impressed at what the ex-Tottenham gaffer has achieved at Villa in the relatively short time he has managed the club.

"Sherwood vowed to take off the shackles and play on the front foot. If they were going down, at least they were going to go down fighting.I’m sure not even he could have hoped it would go as well as it has — and Saturday’s win at Sunderland took it to new levels. Four goals up at the break, a free-flowing style, scoring for fun and an FA Cup semi-final around the corner." - Ian Wright, speaking to The Sun.

Obviously, Tim's not going to win any Manager of the Year award's for his revival of Villa, but at the moment his current vein of form seems to slap his doubters directly in the face. Well, Ian Wright seems to think so.