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Give us your favorite Villa memories and we might give you an amazing shirt!

With a trip to Wembley set to make new Aston Villa memories, The Art of Football wants to give you a T-Shirt to celebrate! Find the contest rules below.

The Art of Football

With a win against West Bromwich Albion two Saturdays ago, Aston Villa sealed their first trip to Wembley since 2010. The FA Cup semi-final will be played on the weekend of April 17, and it will give us all a chance to create new Villa memories that we'll never forget. To help commemorate us getting there, The Art of Football have made an awesome design showing Fabian Delph scoring the opening goal in the quarter-final match that returned football to the dark ages:


See? I wasn't lying. It's an awesome print. And better still, you can get it on a t-shirt!


In a cool turn of events, they've offered us one of the shirts as a contest prize! And they let me pick the contest. So here's what we're going to do. In honor of Villa going on a potential run to the FA Cup final and creating some of the best memories in our club's history, I want to know what your favorite memories of Aston Villa are? I'll share mine here, since I don't want to muck up the contest.

As I'm sure many of you know, I'm relatively new to the club. I came aboard thanks to this very site in the late summer of 2010. As you also know, that was almost exactly the moment that Villa decided to go down the drain. So I don't have a lot of great memories from which to choose. But one springs to mind very quickly: last season's 1-0 victory over Chelsea. We got to see the Chosen One get ejected, two Chelsea red cards, and oh yeah... one of the greatest goals I've ever seen. It happened almost exactly a year ago today, and I am still not over that beautiful, stunning, amazing strike. That goal gave Villa three points that, though they would have stayed up without them, provided a vital boost in avoiding relegation. Plus the shellshocked reactions from Mourinho were amazing.


How to win the shirt: Rules and all that jazz

In the comments below leave your favorite Aston Villa memory of all time. One entry per person please (though feel free to comment on others!). At kickoff against Swansea on Saturday I will close the comments and pick a random winner from them. The pick WILL NOT be based on the best story, but will be random.


Our thanks to The Art of Football for giving us the chance to do this contest! If you want to look at their other Villa shirt designs, take a look here, and if you want to see the designs as just prints (suitable for hanging!) take a look here. My personal favorite is their image of Peter Withe scoring the most famous goal in club history.



Congrats to David Rose! I used's Random Sequence generator and plugged in 1-21 (since there were 21 comments). If the first number had been a comment that wasn't an entry, I would have used the second number. The list generated was this:


The fourth comment was David's. So congrats! But thanks, too, to everyone for sharing your Villa memories. Lots of fun things to read in here!