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Unbreakable Timmy Sherwood: Sure, we'll replay the WBA FA Cup match!

Tim Sherwood is ready for whatever punishment the FA gives Aston Villa.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

The FA have still yet to decide what punishment Aston Villa will receive for the multiple pitch invasions during last Saturday's FA Cup match against West Bromwich Albion. And according to quotes in the Birmingham Mail, that apparently doesn't bother Tim Sherwood in the slightest:

"If we have to replay the game I'm happy to do that. It didn't take the shine off it for me and the players, we just concentrate on the football side of this club. Other people can deal with the aftermath of what was a very jubliant crowd on the pitch."

This man is seemingly impossible to phase, but I love the attitude. Whatever happens with the FA, Aston Villa will have to accept it. There's no use in wringing your hands now, since we don't know what punishment they will mete out. And if, for some insane reason, it turns out to be the worst-case scenario, Tim Sherwood is ready to play on.

It's a bit of what we talked about on the podcast this week: we're still not sure if Sherwood is a great manager, but he's absolutely changed the attitude around this club, and for the better. It's Paul Lambert's "we go again," but said with a deranged smile rather than a sigh.