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Villa youth jumpstarts manager search with Chelsea swoop

Clive Rose/Getty Images

In the midst of what seems like Aston Villa's worst season in recent memory, plenty of fans have become fed up with manager Paul Lambert. The #LambertOut campaign is both vocal and stubborn and have become increasingly well-heard in the past few months. And now, they may have their official spokesperson: six-year-old Jude Branson.

Jude has written a letter to be delivered to Jose Mourinho asking The Chosen One to swoop in and depose Paul Lambert. "Please could you manage Villa and bring Costa" the youngster writes, according to the Birmingham Mail. It shows that perhaps Tom Fox ought to be looking at Jude as Villa's next director of football, as he's already got a shrewd mind. Need a new manager? Why not go for one of the best? And while you're at it, add in one of the top strikers in world football to help spur an anemic offense.

My only recommendation would be to use perhaps a nicer paper next time, Jude. Jose is used to the finer things in life, though I imagine the handwritten touch should be enough to sway him. Regardless, I hope we're all prepared for a new era in Villa football, and we've got Jude to thank for it!