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Aston Villa make new Lambert (striker) approach

After having a loan offer turned down, the club have submitted a bid for the Liverpool striker.

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Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Earlier today, we saw the club's approach to loan Liverpool striker Rickie Lambert on loan get turned down. However, Aston Villa have submitted a new offer for the striker. The Telegraph are reporting that it would be a £5 million fee for the 32-year old. At first glance, five million pounds for a 32-year old who hasn't replicated his Southampton form might be a bit too much, but if he saves the club from relegation, it's much cheaper than the £20 million that we paid for Darren Bent a few years ago.

This move would make sense from Liverpool's perspective as well, even though they just bought the player last summer. They paid £3.5 million for him so it would be a bit of a profit. Ideally they would like to keep him around as cover, but with Daniel Sturridge recovering from his injury it's hard to see Lambert getting too much playing time.

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