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Aston Villa will not be signing Thomas Touré

Earlier in the window the club had been linked with the French midfielder, but he will not be making the move to Birmingham.

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

This could be a result of Tom Cleverley staying at the club, as Aston Villa will not be bringing in 21-year old French central midfielder Thomas Touré this January.

French Ligue 1 journalist Jonathan Johnson confirmed on Twitter that the Bourdeaux midfielder would not be making the switch to Aston Villa.

The tweet was in response to someone who asked "Is Thomas Touré to Villa a definite no go?"

If Cleverley had been recalled by Manchester United, then Villa might have needed another body in midfield, but since he will be staying (not to mention the re-signing of Fabian Delph) there really isn't room to bring in someone else in that area.

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